Advanced sealing in oil, water and
    high temperature conditions.

  • Qsplice


    Reduce the risk of connection failure on field splices
    to control lines and Optic cables

  • Qstax


    Multiple slip on swelling seals to create longer or multi
    purpose seals for easy field installation

  • Qstop


    A cost effective, slip on sand blocker for use
    on sand-control screens

Choose your condition or industry:

Oil sealing

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Oil sealing

A wide range of 2nd generation Oil swelling elastomers designed to swell when in contact with Vegetable as well as Mineral Oils at a wide range of different temperature conditions. Developed to suit environmental sensitive well drilling applications as well as standard OBM drilling applications or to swell during well production when in contact with well fluids. Thus enabling the widest possible application of the technology.

Water sealing

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Water sealing

2nd generation Water swelling elastomers available in different forms to suit applications from sweet water all the way to saturated brines. Suitable for most applications from temperatures in the low twenties Celsius to above 200 Celsius.

High temperature

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High temperature

For high temperature and geothermal applications in the ranges above 150 Celsius to 225 to 250 Celsius

Geothermal >

None Swelling and swelling elastomer Solutions designed for use in Mid to High end Geothermal well applications.

Water >

None Swelling and Swelling elastomer Solutions for use in water wells as well a waste water and sewage applications.

Oil & Gas >

None swelling and swelling Solutions to drill string, casing and well design issues.

Mining >

None swelling and swelling Solutions to solution mining applications.

Product development

A back to basics look at elastomer product design has led to a new generation of product geared to the modern requirements of an ever changing series of markets. This approach leads to simpler but better products with improved performance giving a more cost effective solution.

Worldwide service

Worldwide service

About Oblique - Ruma products B.V.

Creating extra value with a modern advanced engineering approach to the application of elastomer sealing technology. Designed to be better performance while improving value for money for the customer.

Ruma Products supports the aim and objectives of the U.S. legislation on the supply of “conflict minerals”. Ruma Products assures that their products and processes are free from the specified metals.

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